November 3, 2017 Let’s move on to something a bit more inspirational, shall we? I’m not an avid sports fan, but when the team from the town you grew up in is having a phenomenal World Series, you tend to take notice. A city that is in the midst of rebuilding from the massive devastation … More Winning

New Goals….

Happy November 1st 2017, Congratulations to those that took part in Sober October and made it through to the other side! Have you thought about keeping it going? Maybe just for one more day? See how that feels, I guarantee you’ll beam with pride. Then you can try the day after, and keep on keeping … More New Goals….

Sober Challenge

Hey everybody, October 1st is a great day to start! Have any of you out there been wondering if your drinking is becoming problematic? Have you been thinking about taking a break from alcohol? Are you out there googling, “am I an alcoholic?” or white knuckling it through those alcoholic quizzes? Both the U.K. and … More Sober Challenge

The Games We Play

September 18, 2017 – Day 5. There has been A LOT going on the past few weeks. I haven’t really been able to focus on myself, but that is the way life goes, right? Sometimes you can’t control all the stressors that are thrown your way, you just have to be ready for them at … More The Games We Play


Hello out there. I’ve been silent for a while, over a month actually, and in doing so, I lost my way. I am beginning on DAY 1, again……August 26, 2017. It’s not as horrendous as you may imagine, I feel wiser actually. I feel like I have more tools and knowledge in my back pocket … More Totality